Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Game Boy Camera to Windows XP

This tutorial is for those having issues with transferring images from their Game Boy Camera to their PC using a Parallel Port Cable and Windows XP. First I will list all the things needed in order to use the Mad Catz software, followed by a series of steps on how to get the software working properly. Of course, if you don't have the cable this tutorial will be pretty useless.

Equipment Needed

Game Boy (Any Model)
Game Boy Camera (Any Model)
Game Boy to Parallel Port Cable

Software Needed

Mad Catz Camera Link Software (Disc ISO)
Mad Catz Camera Link Software (Extracted Files)

Step 1: First you need to download and install the Madcatz Software (If you don't have the CD).

Step 2: Download the PortTalk .zip file and install it in the directory of the Mad Catz software (C:\Program Files\Mad Catz\Camera Link Software\).

Step 3: You will need to find out your parallel port resource ID. To do this, do the following;

-Right-click My Computer and choose "Manage".
-Find and click "Device Manager" in the System Tools directory.
-Choose "Ports (COM & LPT)".
-Locate the ECP Printer Port (LPT1) and double-click it.
-Click to the resources tab and the first number in the first IO RANGE field is the number you want (for example; 0378 and not 0378-0778).

Step 4: Click Run from the Start Menu.

Step 5: Type CMD in the box and press enter.

Step 6: At the command prompt, locate the Madcatz folder by typing "CD C:\\Program Files\Mad Catz\Camera Link Software\", or wherever it is located.

Step 7: Once you are in the correct directory, type "AllowIO cls.exe 0x378" replacing 0x378 with whatever your IO RANGE number was, with an x after the first digit.

Step 8: Proceed to open the Mad Catz software and follow the instructions.

If you want to purchase a Mad Catz Camera Link, there are a few available on eBay with the Software also included. There may also be a few available on Amazon.

Search for a Game Boy Camera Link on eBay.

Note: If you have any problems with this guide, leave a comment and I will try to help as soon as I can.


  1. Hi Anthony, thanks for this information. Looking a long time for using my GB camera with WinXP, this was the only reason why I kept my old Notebook with Win98. Your guide works like a charm, nothing the complain about.

  2. I really liked this tutorial. I will have to try it out once I get me one of those cables.

  3. AllowIO cls.exe doesnt seem to exist, so i tried allowio.exe, and it worked and said the driver was installed.
    but whenever i try to use the software it says "cannot communicate with hardware, running in stand alone mode"
    please contact me at !!

  4. Hi! I bought the Mad Catz link and it doesn't work!
    I have processed like you said, everything is okay until the software run, then i 'print' my GB picture, at the end of the download, the software doesn't show my picture and it turns off. After that, it's impossible to open again the software :/
    I followed what you said, but i checked the other tutorial, with no helps for me.
    Did you know where is the problem?
    I have choose the LTP1 port and it's the 0378 one, but it doesn't work. :/

    If you can help me, here is my mail :
    Thanks in advance!

  5. Oh btw, i didn't say that it may be the software that is not compatible with XP? Because, when i want to choose a prog to modify my pictures, it turns off and can't open again, as other time.. Maybe it has a new version?

  6. Hmm.. I hope you managed to get this working. I'm not sure what to advise other than what's written here. The software was intended to work with older machines so it's going to be difficult to make it work properly, but it somehow works for me. It's extremely slow, though..

  7. Hey... great tutorial.... I took about an hour looking for a solution and this one worked. Thanks.
    hope you don't mind I dropped your tutorial onto this site

  8. Thanks so much for this! Running in compatibility mode in XP makes it work, for anyone that was wondering. I also am using a cable that came with the GBA flashcart I ordered somewhere a while back, you dont have to use the MadCatz cable as long as the one you are using has a gameboy link on one end and a paralell port link on the other. Again, thanks for the tutorial and software!

  9. That was dead handy - I have Windows 8, and after following the instructions (and setting the software to run in Windows 98/ME compatibility mode) it ALMOST works. The pictures clearly download and appear in the camera link window for a split-second, but when it tries to save them it crashes! Frustrating. Looks as if I'm going to have to find the charger for my ancient Toshiba laptop that had Windows 2000 on it.

  10. I don't suppose anyone would know how to get it to work if you're forced to use a serial-to-USB converter, due to your computers not having the serial printer port on any of them? >.>

  11. Since writing the above I seem to have got it working, but I'm not sure what I did; I'm using a Thinkpad X61 with an X6 dock that has a parallel port, running Windows 8. I've set the parallel port to EPP. I tried to hit PrintScreen just as the image appeared, and after doing it half a dozen times the software now opens the save window without crashing. So at least by random chance it *can* work under Windows 8 with a Thinkpad X61 and the docking station.

    It actually uses the parallel port (the wider one of the two), not the serial port.

  12. I'm trying to make a program that would extract the bmp files out of the sav dump. If anyone is interested or have information in how to achieve this please contact me. Cheers!

  13. I finally made the Talkport work and could connect the GBCamera, but when the image is finally "printed" it looks just like the image link I posted below this sentence, but in black and white. I don't know what else to do, I had Win98 and it happened the same, and I installed WinXP because I thought it would be fixed. Could it be the cartridge that is damaged, or the pc?

    Also I used my Super Mario Bros Deluxe which has some images that can be printed and the result was exactly the same.
    also I've tried with different gameboys and the same happened.